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Why did I buy Brutalismus 3000’s ULTRAKUNST

by Xin Chen, Aug 2023


If I could only go to one party this year, I would go to the German duo Brutalismus 3000's.

©️ Resident Advisor

Self-defined as "nu gabber post techno punk from berlin with love", the duo indeed makes music full of brutalism.

Theo Zeitner and Victoria Vassiliki Daldas met on Tinder, and both have been active in the Berlin underground dance scene for a while, had already been dating for some time before starting the duo Brutalismus 3000, which became a big hit in Europe now.


Their 2020 single "Good Girl" was good enough to make me fall in love with them.
In "Good Girl" Victoria Vassiliki Daldas writes very specific and practical "rules" for being a good girl.

I like the "advice" Victoria wrote, and it reminded me of the violence against women that has happened in China in recent years - a girl who was violently attacked when she came home late at night in 2019, and a serious assault at a barbecue restaurant in Tangshan happened in 2022.


Brutalismus 3000 has never been shy to express their anger.
On ULTRAKUNST, released in April this year, they continue to blend gabber, hard techno and punk, the fast and furious beats are the most immediate auditory stimuli, and the lyrics with slightly violent content sound even dangerous but enjoyable.

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On "ALL DIE LIEBEN MENSCHEN" at the beginning of the album, the robotic voice repeatedly murmurs "Bitte warten(Please wait)", followed by the crushing drum beat that makes me clench my fists every time I hear it. If I'm at home, I can't even stop kicking into the air. Victoria's scream followed, causing the broken window to crack completely.
When I hear the voices in "GR3Y", I can't help but think of the "Crimewave" of Crystal Castles - the two do have something in common. The song named "SAFE SPACE" has nothing to do with safety. Victoria sings "I always Carry a Knife with me" (Ich hab 'trotzdem immer Messer mit) in it.
Although most of Brutalismus 3000's lyrics are in German and Slovak, sometimes they just repeat the sentences. Like "DIE LIEBE KOMMT NICHT AUS BERLIN" and "SUKA SUKA", I don't even understand what "SUKA SUKA" means, but that doesn't stop me from loving this song.
Someone commented below the video of Brutalismus 3000's playing at Boiler Room that "[listening to this] feels like I've walked into a club full of vampires with blood spraying on the ceiling". Isn't it exactly what I want?